It is our goal to manifest and keep the quality of our products on the customary high level and at the time time exploit the possibilities of new developments, always looking for the best solutions for our customers!

Petra Becker-Tod und Michael Tod


1972 Founding of the company Marbo advertising by Norbert Bokel as screen printing company specializing in the production and distribution of self-adhesive films, plastic boards and outdoor advertising.

1973 Production of giant nibblers with printed sides. This was followed by the production and printing of plastic, cardboard and wood notepads, paper blocks, writing pads of all sizes, as well as various plastic articles that make up the current production program.

1980 New construction and supply to own production facilities under today’s address.

1987 , the Marbo advertising company acquired a local print shop, which took over the company completely with machinery and personnel and built its own production hall.

1997 Year of operation 25 years of Marbo advertising.

1998 is a new successful production line for Marbo advertising with the production of sticky note pads and sticky note pads in cuboid form.

2005 Transfer of the company from Norbert Bokel to his daughter Petra Becker-Death née Bokel.

2007 Comprehensive modernization and expansion of the machine park and equipment, eg by a Roland 704, 4-color printing press, 72 x 102 cm and Roland 706L, 6 colors Printing machine plus varnishing also in print format 72 x 102 cm, as well as a new CTP system, plate exposure directly from the computer to the plate. In addition, the entire work preparation was equipped with new computers.

Thanks to the new machine investments, Roland 706L and Roland 704 printing presses, the printing speed has been increased to 19,000 sheets per hour. At the same time, the environment is spared a lot more by using alcohol-free inks.

2010 Nikolaus times different! In the night of 6 December 2010, the largest production hall due to a technical defect was a robbery of the flames. Dark clouds were above the Marbo advertisement. But there was no time to get stuck in the sand. Within just two weeks a new joint production of the management and the workforce was set up, so that the customers could continue to be served at the end of the season.

2011 The reconstruction of the new production hall and its facilities was completed after only 6 months. At the same time, the focus was on the integration of ecological and economic aspects in the new building. In the course of the reconstruction, a new high-bay warehouse with 400 parking spaces was built on the Marbo site.

2011 With the acquisition of a digital printing machine for printing notepads or notepads, the Marbo advertising rings a new age of body print

2013 is driving the Marbo advertising, due to the big fire, economically difficult times. Through the alliance of the workforce and the management, the stormy times are successfully overcome.

2014 is further invested in digital printing. Through the purchase in the digital sheet as well as in the folio digital printing, the product diversity is increased or improved.

2016 , the focus was on the modernization of CNC screen printing machines. The existing machines are brought from the ground up, to the latest state of the art. Thus, the quality and speed in the field of body printing / screen printing was further improved or increased.

Today, the company is the leading supplier of promotional items with around 80 employees Made of paper, refined in screen, digital and offset printing.